Girl in Peru says that she got abducted by 7ft Alien gang with green eyes

A girl from Peru has revealed terrifying details after witnesses said she was abducted by a gang of 7ft aliens.

Residents of a Peruvian village, known as the Haikito, have reported a series of chilling incidents committed by a mob of towering beings that has left the tribe in a state of terror.

One of the incidents involved a 15-year-old girl called Talia, who has told a film crew how she was attacked by two figures clad in black body armour and wearing masks.

“My eye felt bad, it felt cloudy. My face felt like it was swelling,” she said, adding that she “couldn’t feel my face”. The attackers then spread the same substance across her face, she said. The alien connection may have been from the attempted kidnappers’ “green” eyes and the jetpacks they were wearing, which could be activated by pressing a “button” on their boots.

Members of the Ikitu population branded the airborne attackers “green goblins”, and have linked them to a local legend known as “los Pelacaras” (the Face Peelers). Local leaders describe them as floating creatures that can’t be harmed by bullets.

Speaking to local broadcaster Radio Programas del Perú (RPP), Ikitu leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila said: “These gentlemen are aliens.”

However, Peruvian officials have put forward a theory to suggest that the attacks are less otherworldly.

“They would be using state-of-the-art technology, such as thrusters that allow people to fly,” Quintanilla told RPP. He believes that the local community was being terrorised by illegal gold miners armed with “jetpacks”.

The region itself is currently being plundered for its rich gold sources as the precious metal is deposited like silt along the Nanay River bed, a tributary of the Amazon.

Peruvian officials believe it has become so lucrative for drug cartels that it’s dwarfing profits from the drug trade. Between 2013 and 2023, it raked in $8.2billion when compared with just $640million from trafficking.

Talia’s interview was recorded by 5-MeO Productions – documentarians who produce films about paranormal activity – but what she says may support the prosecutor’s theory.

“I went back to our garden to pick tangerines,” Talia said. “And while I was picking tangerines, so I could make myself a drink, that’s when I felt dry leaves blowing all around me.” But when she turned she saw a “very tall man”.

‘When I tried to run, he grabbed me from back here [my neck],” Talia continued. “And he turned me around and covered my mouth.”

Two Colombian men were held in November in connection to the illegal gold mining, but released a little over a week later on the orders of a local judge.

Source: Mirror

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