Ghostly figure spotted at the side of the road by trucker

A creepy figure was caught on a truck driver’s dash cam as they were driving late at night in Arizona, US, causing people to debate whether he has captured proof of the paranormal.

A trucker’s dashcam captured a ghostly figure standing on one of America’s most dangerous roads.

William Church had arrived home from driving on the notorious Route 87 in Arizona, US, when he checked back over the footage.

To his horror he spotted a creepy figure standing at the side of the road in the dead of night he had not seen while driving on the 287-mile route.

He shared the creepy footage online and the internet is split on if it was a camera glare – or something out of the paranormal.

He told Fox News the figure was “just standing in the roadway as I passed by looks like you can see the lines through the legs making the figure.”

The brief clip was captured on a Nexar dashcam, which records drives for security reasons.

One ghost hunter said of the discovery: “This stretch of roadway both north to Payson and south to Tucson is incredibly creepy, especially at night.

“One of the cases we worked documented in our book was from the route going south to Tucson where he claimed to have picked up a hitchhiker whose name matched someone who went missing back in the 70s.”

Another shared: “This reminds me of an incident I had on an old highway here.

“I had taken my mom to the airport and it was about four something in the morning on my way back.

“I was going 55 and this transparent figure (very much like this one) started walking in the road.

“It got about to the yellow line dividing the lanes and I swerved but as I was next to it it had completely disappeared.”

Another added of their experience: “I believe it is real.

“I was driving along a road in Vermont that is in a well known area for otherworldly occurrences.

“I had a floating humanoid figure move across the road 20 feet in front of me.

“Whatever it was absorbed light completely. My brights couldn’t illuminate it at all. It just looked like what I imagine looking at a rogue black hole looks like.

“Looking at nothing but blackness.”

Source: Mirror



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