Is it time for Ghost Adventures to end?

A few weeks ago I watched a special episode of Ghost Adventures that I hadn’t seen before. Ghost Adventures: Devil’s Den. The GA crew are in Downey, California, to investigate the shuttered Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Center, to find if it is the actual devil that resides there.

I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet, …but here’s the thing! I used to love watching Ghost Adventures from their early days, from their very first episode up until maybe a few years ago when in my opinion the show started to go down hill.

Even though I still watch it religiously when new episode are released, it feels like it is now the ‘Zak Bagan’s Show’ rather than a team of ghost hunters trying to capture paranormal evidence. You can guarantee in any new episode that Zak will get possessed, fill with rage, start punching walls and almost start a fight with a member of the team. Its ridiculous!

I was going to write post on why I think Zak is getting too big for his boots and that it feels like he is taking over the show, has to much influence and trying to dominate and that maybe they should think of ending Ghost Adventures as it now feels fake, but with the recent news of Destination Fear being cancelled along with Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne and rumours of Discovery+ due to cancel more shows such as Kindred Spirits and Ghost Brothers and with rumours that Zak could be behind those cancellations so that his shows can remain the most popular, my plan for this post changed.

When it was announced Destination Fear had been cancelled Dakota Laden, the star of the show, posted a video on Twitter to address rumours that Zak Bagans might have influenced Discovery+ to cancel the show. Although Dakota didn’t make any direct accusations against Zak, Dakota did make it clear that Zak wasn’t very supportive of the show.

Also after Dakota spoke out, former Ghost Adventures member Nick Groff felt it was time for him to answer questions that fans have been asking him since he left Ghost Adventures in 2014. He posted a video on twitter to open it to fans and answer the questions that had been asked and to make a statement about a certain lead host of Ghost Adventures.

He starts off by saying “I was not fired from ‘Ghost Adventures’. I never did ‘a bad thing.’ I never cheated in a relationship that I was in. I was misled with the ongoing of Paranormal Lockdown. You can watch his video below.

Make of that what you will.

Its a real shame that Destination Fear has been cancelled as well as Portals to hell, I thought those shows were a lot better than what Ghost Adventures currently is right now. I like Jack Osbourne and Katrina Wiedman and I hope they come back with a new paranormal show.

With Destination Fear its good news to hear that Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner and Alex are starting a new project on You Tube called Project Fear. They have set up a kickstarter page to help fun their show which is currently had over £200k pledged to them so it just shows how big of a fanbase they have.

So could the rumours be true about Zak Bagans cancelling or influencing the cancellations of these shows so he can remain popular, who knows, but there is no smoke without fire right?

I do think Ghost Adventures should end though. I feel it has gone on too long and with all the spin off shows like Ghost Adventures House Calls, Aftershocks etc, there is too much Ghost Adventures, too much Zak Bagans. It also feels fake now with Zak’s shenanigans in every new episode. I hear myself sighing and feel my eyes rolling when watching new episodes. There are lot more new Paranormal TV show out there that can have their day if Zak lets them 😉

If you are a fan of Destination Fear and want to pledge to their new Project Fear kickstarter you can here.

Project Fear Kickstarter


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