Did Ghost Adventures really see the Old Hag in the mirror?

If you have watched last weeks episode of Ghost Adventures ‘Industrial District of the Damned’ where the GA team investigate an old building in Utah that is supposed to be haunted by an entity which the building owners call the ‘Old Hag’, you will have seen Zak take a photo of a mirror and capture what they claim to be the face of the Old Hag.

Just moments earlier Aaron said he saw a face in the same mirror which prompted Zak to take some photo’s.

This is the photo with the face circled.

Zak says “this is legit evidence” but as it really?

As I was watching it I instantly had my doubts. To me the face is just a reflection of something in the room. On the right hand side mirror there is reflection that looks very similar to the ‘old hag face’ be it from a different angle.

I would say there is more of a ghostly image in the center of the mirror but that was never mentioned.

I do like Ghost Adventures, I have watched them from their very beginning but this evidence they claim to be “legit evidence” is very questionable to me.

What do you think. Is it the face of the Old Hag?




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