Skinwalkers by Lee Brickley

If you are looking for something new to read then check out this book from author Lee Brickley, Skinwalkers: Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings.

Skinwalkers have existed within Native American culture for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the phenomena has gained in popularity around the world thanks to incredible reports coming out of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, USA. There have been unexplained lights in the sky, cattle mutilations and claims of evil shapeshifting entities wreaking havoc.

Stories of shapeshifters have been told all over the globe for centuries by people from unconnected cultures. Many of the tales from folklore contain the same basic elements, and that is what led author and researcher Lee Brickley to begin the investigation detailed in this book.

Brickley looks at the similarities between skinwalkers and shapeshifters from various cultures around the world while embarking on an adventure that saw him travel from the UK, across Europe, into Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Chile, and eventually to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. The stories people told along the way were fascinating, and the things Brickley witnessed and experienced first-hand were totally out of this world!

Were shapeshifting skinwalkers to blame for the catastrophy at Chernobyl in 1986? Is there really a secret Cold War base in the middle of the Gobi Desert where top secret military personnel from Russia and China once attempted to seal a portal through to another dimension? Is there a hidden fasciilty under Skinwalker Ranch where scientists and soldiers battle against a potential incoming shapeshifter invasion? There’s only one way to find out.

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Lee Brickley is a paranormal expert, Ufologist, and Cryptozoologist from the UK. He shot to fame in 2014 due to his coverage of the black eyed child phenomenon and other supernatural reports from Cannock Chase.

Brickley has since written numerous books on the subject of the paranormal, bigfoot, and much more.

His latest effort “Leave This House: The frightening true story of the Birmingham Poltergeist” is also available now.


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