Ghosts of Cannock Chase

If you are looking for something new to read, something weird and terrifying, then check out this new book from author Lee Brickley.

Ghosts of Cannock Chase: Terrifying reports of paranormal activity from the UK’s most haunted town. The book is out now just in time for the Halloween season.

Cannock Chase is home to some of the weirdest and most terrifying paranormal encounters recorded anywhere in the United Kingdom. The small mining town is situated near a huge twenty-six mile square forest that seems to be the centre of all the supernatural activity.

For the last decade, paranormal researcher Lee Brickley has investigated Cannock Chase and all the other-worldy goings-on there.

Just in time for Halloween, this new book contains some of the most terrifying ghost sightings and stories from the Cannock Chase area, where something always goes bump in the night.

If you’re looking to learn more about the paranormal events that happen at Cannock Chase, or you just want to read some spooky ghost stories on a cold, rainy, night, this is the book for you.

Famous for sightings of Black-Eyed Children, UFOs, and the illusive Pigman, this British forest puts the fictional town of Hawkins in the hit TV show Stranger Things to shame. Hundreds of reports of ghostly paranormal activity come in every year, and the best of them are featured in this publication.

The book is available on Amazon now.

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The Ghosts of Cannock Chase is the latest addition in a series of 3 books collectively called¬† ‘Paranormal Cannock Chase’. The other two books are:

UFO’s Werewolves & The Pig-Man: Exposing England’s Strangest Location – Cannock Chase

The Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase: A continued investigation into England’s strangest location – Cannock Chase

Those are available on Amazon too.



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