The Ghost of La Llorona caught on camera in Columbia

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year?

First story to share this year.

The ghost of La Llorona, or the “The Weeping Woman”, terrified local residents in Cordoba, Columbia, when she appeared on a treetop.

In the video you can see she appears on the treetop in broad daylight and you can here her wailing loudly.

In Latin American Folklore, La Llorona is a famous legend about a mother who drowned her two sons in a river before killing herself and becoming cursed. She is refused entry into heaven until she finds the lost souls of her two dead sons.

Legend says that she wails and abducts children who she then drowns in the same river that she killed her sons.

Some people say its fake, others think its true with someone saying they had to sleep with their mum, they were that terrified.

What do you think?  Real or fake?  I’m leaning towards the latter. It looks like she starts climbing down steps.


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