Classified KGB files reveal ‘God of the Stars’ was found in a hidden Egypt tomb

CLASSIFIED KGB files on Egypt’s Great Pyramid discuss the possibility aliens visited the ancient civilisation, according to a former Kremlin advisor.

The KGB was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up in 1991. While serving as a science advisor in advance propulsion systems, Dr Victor Ivanovich claimed he gained access to files on a secret mission called Project ISIS. He said the government agency recruited officials within the Egyptian government to wiretap the phone calls of their colleagues studying the Great Pyramid.

In 1960, Dr Ivanovich suggested Sami Sharif, who was the Egyptian minister of Presidential affairs, captured a conversation that turned Project ISIS on its head.He played an Egyptian tape recording during Amazon Prime’s “Secret KGB Files” documentary said to be captured on July 24, 1960.

Dr Ivanovich, who passed away in 2013, explained in the 2001 series: “One of the top officials phoned his brother revealing two archaeologists had stumbled upon a hidden tomb.

“They had apparently remained delirious for a few days, and finally went to the hospital.

“When they got there, they repeated only three words: ‘tomb of visitor’.

“This is a reference to the grave of an ancient Egyptian god who does not exist in the Egyptian pantheon.

“He has a special sign as a visiting god.”

Dr Ivanovich claimed long before the time of Egyptian pharaohs, there was a god who came from the skies with others of his kind to pass on knowledge and wisdom, before leaving.

However, the former astrophysics and neurologist believed this god had died during his visit.

He claimed a top-secret hidden tomb was made for him, which the Egyptian archaeologists stumbled across prior to the phone call.

Source: Express



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