A ghost swings a handle on a hearse

A new video appears to show some very ghostly goings on at Mapperley’s Haunted Museum.

Shared online by the building’s owner, UK Ghost Hunts, the spooky clip captured by a motion capture camera shows the handle on a Victorian-era hearse – which is one of the items on display at the museum – mysteriously swing up and down without explanation.

The black and white video has caused quite a stir since it was first shared on Twitter, having been viewed thousands of times.

Many social media users weighed in on what looks to be paranormal activity caught on camera at the Woodborough Road location, sharing their own opinions on Twitter.

“Wow, well caught guys,” one person wrote. Another said: “Wow. That’s brilliant.”

A third wrote: “Great if it is real and no trickery.”

What do you think?

Source: Nottingham Post


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