More Ancient Alien artifacts are discovered in a Mexican cave.

Last year we heard about some ancient alien artifacts that had been discovered in a cave in Mexico (you can read about that here) and now more artifacts have apparently been discovered that are being claimed to be proof that aliens visited Earth 5,000 years ago.

A video showing the found artifacts was posted on to UFOmania’s YouTube channel, however there are no details of where or when the artifacts were supposed to have been found.

The stones and sculptures do show what could be described as looking like extraterrestrial heads with big eyes and images that look like spaceships.

The video is said to have convinced a lot or UFO and alien enthusiasts that is its definite proof of the ancient alien theory.

I’m not convinced, they somehow remind me of the Fifth Element movie, and also the people who claimed to have found them are said to be refusing to have them tested or dated.

What do you make of it?


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