Watch as a large ghost orb is seen rising from the bed as women is sleeping

A woman from Manchester, UK, has recorded on CCTV, spirit orbs floating around her bedroom and a large one rising from her bed while she is sound asleep.

Jodie believes her house to be very haunted and set up CCTV cameras in all her rooms to capture proof of paranormal activity.

Jodie shared her footage onto her Facebook page and also on YouTube via a friends YouTube account.

Just a warning that the video contains explicit language

Shibby’s Tube who posted her video says “Watch the left of the screen 00:11 seconds in, then at 00:30 seconds from right to left, then at 01:29 seconds off centre right, you can’t miss it.

“My friend shared this video on her Facebook from her home CCTV, this is what she said.

“What the feck holy shit this is a gooden ….when the video ends look to the right middle of the curtain you see a face…something fly around the room and something rise from my body”

“I have NEVER seen them move like this before, I believe these to be true paranormal orbs, the best ones I have ever seen. Obvious language warning due to shock. Enjoy.

What do you make of it?


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