Silver UFO filmed flying over Leeds, UK

A silver metallic looking UFO has been filmed flying over the sky above Leeds, UK.  It was filmed by a local resident.

During the clip the UFO looks like it disappears then reappears or it could be just the way the sun is shining on the object making it look like it disappears.

The man who was filming the UFO can be heard saying “A silver thing flying through the sky very very slowly. It’s definitely not an aircraft. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s another one for security.”

The video was sent to UFO institute who posted it onto their YouTube channel.

They said “In this footage we can see what looks like a metallic Sphere shaped orb, but on closer inspection we see that this is no orb but a sphere shaped metallic object.

“And thanks to the steady hands of this You Tuber who filmed it we can have an even closer look at this intriguing object.”

What do you think?


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