A burning witch is filmed taking off and flying away

A family from Mexico say they have filmed a witch engulfed in flames taking off and flying through the air.

The footage was shot in the city of Monterrey in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

In the video you can see what looks like a something burning on the ground and then it takes of and flies away.  You can also hear laughing in the background.

The video was orignaly shared by Victor H Gutierrez, he said “This was shared by a workmate who lives in Monterrey and said that his family recorded it and they believed that it is a witch.”

It seems opinions are divided on whether it is a witch or not.

Some definitely believe it to be a witch with one person saying “Yes, it is a witch, you only need to look at the tree, you can see it clearly”

Others though are skeptical and believe it to only be a trick by burning balloons.

With it being a rubbish quality video I believe it to be a hoax.   What do you think?


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  1. Yes a burning balloon. Poor hoax.

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