Spooky face looking out of car window

A guy who had just recently bought himself a new car was visiting a restaurant with friends and decided to take a photo of his new pride and joy while it was park across the street from the restaurant he was sitting at.

He didn’t notice anything strange the time, however after looking back through the photos he took of his car he spotted a spooky looking face peering out of the passenger side window. There was no-one in the car at the time!

The photo was shared on the unexplained-mysteries.com forums by forum member XSAS_Daughter.

They said “my friend (who isn’t a member) was recently looking back through his camera roll and found this photo that he took of his and his friend’s car. He was sat in the restaurant across the road and was taking a photograph of his car because it was new and he’s a typical boy that loves his car.

“Anyway, he realised there appeared to be a person in the car, which was completely empty at the time.

“I said it looked like somebody was leaning on his car and he said there definitely wasn’t anybody because he would have kicked off haha!

“Anyway, just thought I’d share because even if it is nothing, it looked pretty creepy to us!”

Some explanations are that it was someone leaning up against the driver’s side and peering in through the driver side window, some believe it could be a spirit haunting the car while others just say that its very creepy, whatever it is.

What do you think?


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