A family record their possessed maid on CCTV

A family living in Singapore have apparently been horrified after witnessing their maid being possessed on their home CCTV cameras.

Nurul Baker was checking back through the recordings of the surveillance cameras when they spotted their maid acting and looking strange.

She was walking around, bent over with her hands behind her back and wearing a long white dress.

Nural Said¬†“My maid got possessed by ghost in my HDB flat after she came out of the shower. It’s lucky mum and kids were not home.”

However many believe she was faking it so her employers would become scared and they would fire her.

I believe she is faking it too. Just so happens she stands right in front of the cameras and even looks at the camera?

Fake possessions are apparently common in Singapore. Maids tell each other to pretend to become possessed if they want to get fired from their job.

‘Ill leave it up to you to decide if its real or fake…


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