Watch as a little girl is spooked by her doll moving on its own and papers flying off a table

Video footage of a little girl being spooked by ghostly events in a home has emerged and being shared online.

The video which seems to be CCTV set up in someones home, shows a young girl happily playing with her doll on the floor while another doll on the floor starts moving all by itself. It tilts its head from side to side.

The girl seems to be oblivious to the moving doll, the video then moves to another clip showing the girl drawing on a table when all of a sudden the papers move as if they were blown by a strong breeze.

This scares the girl and she runs out of the room. A few seconds later she heads back towards the table but is scared away again as heavier objects get thrown off the table, and if that wasn’t scary enough, the table then violent moves across the floor as if it had been pushed by a strong force.

It’s not known exactly where in the world the video emerged from, but apparently it was shared by the father of the girl who installed CCTV cameras in his house because his daughter had told him something creepy was bothering her.

What do you think?  I’m leaning towards it being a hoax. It seems too good to be true. Although it would take some force to push that table.


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