Paranormal investigator films a ghost in Drakelow Tunnels

A paranormal investigator was investigating the Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster, UK, when he came face to face with a ghost.

Anthony who runs the Afterlight Paranormal Group was visiting the haunted tunnels along with other members of the team. The tunnels were once used as bunkers during World War 2 and the Cold War and are well known to be haunted.

During the investigation Anthony broke away from his group to go alone as he wasn’t capturing anything, however he got lost!

During his time alone he took out a spirit box to try to capture any spirit voices. Apparently a ghost can be heard saying “By you” after Anthony asks “Are you stuck here?”

At the time he said that he didn’t see anything. However upon reviewing his footage he saw a ghost standing directly in front of him.

He said “The reason I started doing this was I wanted to know if, when my family pass away, there is somewhere else for them.

“Some people think when you die, you die. But there are things I have seen, like this, which make me think there’s something more.

“‘I always want to be more open to there being something after you die.

“You can clearly see in the video footage a face manifest out of nothing and look straight at me before fading back out and disappearing out of sight.

“The detail around the mouth and nose area is something that can’t go unnoticed, you can also make out the eyes and the darkness around them as well as the hair.

“It looks like his hair is pushed back. And it almost looks like he has horns coming off his head.

“The height the ghost box was positioned would have made the ghostly apparition around 5ft 6′.

“I have studied the footage over and over many times and I cannot come up with a logical explanation of what this could be”.


What do you think?  Is it a ghost?



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