Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures buys Michael Jackson’s chair

Ghost Adventures head investigator Zak Bagans has added a new addition to his Las Vegas haunted museum, Michael Jackson’s chair!

Zak says that not only has he bought the chair but it also comes with Jackson’s spirit.

He said “On the chair, you have Michael Jackson’s makeup stains covering the entire chair,”

“The sources say that he got ready in that chair every single morning, and the chair was a witness to his controversial death. And I believe that when someone dies in a controversial way like that — that’s not solved — it releases a shock wave of energy that permeates, that saturates into these objects.”


Zak has many haunted items in his museum including a haunted box, a haunted doll and Dr Jack Kevorkian’s death van. You may have seen some of those items when the Ghost Adventures episode ‘The Haunted Museum’ was aired on the Travel Channel.

Zak said “Yes, I do collect things more on the dark side when it comes to people, however it’s still a part of their life,” Bagans said. “I’m opening a haunted museum in Vegas and it’s going to be part of an exhibit of his.”


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