Another ghost doing a spot of exercising in Mexico

Just recently I shared a video showing what some people believed was a ghost or an invisible person using an exercise machine in a park in Mexico.  It was in this post .

Well another video as appeared which people also believe could be a ghost or an invisible person using an excercise bike in a gym also in Mexico.

The clip shows the bike pedalling all by itself as if someone invisible was using it, the pedals seem to slow down only for them to speed up again.

The event spooked those that were in the gym at the time.

One gym member started filming it on their phone. At one point a women tries to approach the bike only for another person to yell no, it could be dangerous.

Is there a ghost visiting gyms in Mexico? Could be something more sinister?

Maybe those that die in mexico decide to keep fit in the afterlife?

What do you think?


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