The Museum of Shadows

Do live in the Midwest, US, or visiting the area?  Then checkout the Museum of Shadows

Museum Of Shadows is the only known museum in the Midwest of its kind.

The Museum houses the largest array of obscure and Haunted artifacts. Items used in extremely dangerous occult activities and diabolical practices around the world.

To touch one of these items would be the opposite of touching something holy, something blessed, Could even trigger an attachment.


See the Wooden doll that her eyes blink on their own, her eyes will follow you around the room, the famous pirate sword that was used/linked to black beard himself. Egyptian, and African cursed items,, Death curses, a Shrunken head, Possessed toys and animals, and other Killer dolls, The cross that burns when holy water is placed on it and much more!


Museum Of Shadows receives 5-10 new items daily. Museum Of Shadows is a place that any seasoned paranormal investigator or enthusiast in the world would agree, is a Must see.

If you are looking to experience & learn, view Case files, and see years of haunted items that will change the way you see good and evil, then

Visit the site at

Museum of Shadows Facebook page

*This post was submitted by request from Nate Raterman of Museum of Shadows.


If you have you already visited the Museum of Shadows, what did you think of it? Did you have a good time? Did you find it interesting?  Please leave a comment below, it would be great to find out what you thought.



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