Woman takes a photo of a Black-Eyed child ghost. It then stalks her dreams.

A woman believes she is being stalked in her dreams by this Black-Eyed Child ghost which she photographed back in 2013 while on a ghost walk in Hessle Foreshore Woods, East Riding, Yorkshire, UK.


Hannah Butler says she is being terrorised by the ghost child every night she while she is asleep.

She says: “Our guide showed us this tree, and told us that some people had seen the ghost of a little orphan girl there who is looking out to sea waiting for her daddy.

“I just snapped away at the tree, I must have taken about ten photos. I was wandering around, looking through them, and then I saw it.

“I thought I had just imagined her. It wasn’t on any of the other photos. Then I started freaking out. I was so shocked.

“I started crying and had to leave. I stayed over at my friend’s for a few days after that because I was so scared.”

She says that ever since the night she took the photo the girl regularly appears in her dreams.


Hannah added: “It sounds silly, but after that night I have had dreams about the girl. She’s been on my mind a lot. I think of her often, and I still dream about her. I don’t think she will ever leave me.

“If there was a dark room, I would always be scared that she was there in the corner, and I still feel like that at times.

What are your thoughts?

Ghosts of black-eyed children are not uncommon in Britain. They are actually regularly sightings in various locations mainly around wooded areas.




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