A pubs friendly ghost turns Christmas tree upside down

The White Hart Inn Pub in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK, put up their newly decorated Christmas tree and proudly showed it off by posting a photo of it on their Facebook page.

However the next day when staff returned to the pub the tree was balancing upside down like something from a poltergeist movie.

They posted the photo with the caption “Look what our friendly ghosts have done. At least they have a sense of humour”

Pub Manager Richard told his local news Cornwall live: “We set the tree up and when we locked up no one had access to the bar area. When we came down in the morning, the tree was upside down. We just couldn’t believe it. It’s weird.”

Staff at the pub have decided to keep the Christmas tree upside down to “keep the ghost happy.”

Richard added “I live on site now and I’ve heard noises. There’s banging, footsteps, bottles moving, people talking when I’m the only one in here. To be honest, I don’t mind it. I’m used to it.”

Its pretty amazing if its actually balancing on that star!


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