Someone or something took control over Voyager 2 and sent data back to earth in an unknown language

Nasa have revealed that in 2010 as Voyager 2 left our solar system and entered interstellar space the probe started to send communications back to earth in an unknown language which was incomprehensible to NASA scientists prompting experts to believe that an alien race could have taken control of the craft.

NASA expert Kevin Baines said that the team assumed that the probe was malfunctioning and they proceeded to run a full diagnostic of its system.

However no errors appeared and they could not find anything wrong with it apart from one component in the binary code system that had changed from 0 to 1.

They then ran further tests and investigations but they were left with no other explanation other than someone or something had taken temporary control of the craft.

The change in the binary code system could only suggest that someone or something had deliberately tried to alter the probes computer system.

NASA suggested that the craft may have been hacked temporarily by a computer hacker or a team of hackers, however they concluded that this was highly unlikely as any hacker from Earth would not have been able make contact with Voyager 2 across such a vast distance.

Apparently it took NASA three weeks to restore and regain full control of the crafts computer system.

They have said that they have absolutely no idea who or what could have taken control over Voyager 2 and send messages back to earth.

German scientist Hartwig Hausdorff however is confident that the whole weird incident was the work of an alien species trying to contact us.

This video regarding the curious incident was uploaded to YouTube by Matrix World Disclosure.


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