Watch as a ghost heads towards camera and scares women in her kitchen

It’s a kitchen again. I keep saying it. Ghosts love kitchens. If you ever want to capture a ghost on film then shoot a video in a kitchen.

This new footage, if genuine, could be one of the best ‘ghost caught on camera’ footage ever filmed.

Elaine Hamer was testing out her new smartphone camera with her sister in the kitchen of her house at 1 am in Blackwood, South Wales, UK.  She was hoping to film a meteor shower which was apparently visible in her area that night.

However while testing the camera she spotted orbs flying around her kitchen and kept on filming to find out what they were.

Then a strange mist appears in front of the camera which seems to turn into a ghostly face and head straight towards the camera. That’s when Elaine and her sister scream with fright and run away!


Elaine’s son-in-law uploaded the footage onto YouTube to see if a spiritualist would have any answers.

He said ” There have been quite a few sightings on our street” .

“We’ve had a spiritualist visit a number of times. Apparently the houses here were built on a field that used to have a hanging tree.

“I don’t know whether that has anything to do with it.”

Jason also explained that there have been at times some inexplicable noises in the house and old-fashioned smells.

What do you think? Real of fake?


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