Did photographer capture a ghost on camera in an abandoned house?

A photographer going by the name of Freaktography blogged on Huffington Post Canada about the time he visited an old abandoned house in Ontario, Canada.

They spent some time taking photos around the old creepy house which you can see on their post at ‘Did I Capture A Ghost On Camera In This Abandoned House?’  

After they had finished taking photos they decided to take some video footage of the inside and outside of the house.

“The house has been abandoned a very long time and the many changing Canadian seasons are starting to take a toll, soon this house will probably collapse on itself, so I wanted to capture some video”.

Once finished they packed up and headed home and posted the video onto their Freaktography YouTube channel. It was then when someone spotted something weird on the video.

Around the 1:27 mark you can see a strange type of mist float past the camera near the stairs banister.

Freaktography say there could be a valid explanation for what they caught, but the majority of people who have viewed the video believe they may not have been alone in the house.

What do you think?

Source: Huffpost Living Canada

Work by Freaktography can be found at www.freaktography.com



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