Priests performs FIVE hour exorcism on ‘possessed’ teens after summoning evil ghost

Haunting footage of three girls “possessed by demons” screaming on the floor of a church has emerged.


In the bizarre clip, the teenagers can be seen convulsing after they summoned an evil ghost during the Charlie Charlie challenge.

Desperately trying to save the girls’ souls, a clergy started a five hour exorcism session.

In the terrifying footage, the man is frantically reciting prayers before the “possessed” youngsters from Peru.

A source said: “These girls apparently played the famous ‘Charlie Charlie’ and apparently made contact with this game in this place and were possessed by this demon.”

During the religious ritual one of the youngsters is also seen attempting to grapple one of the other girls in a supernatural fit.


The ouija board-inspired challenge went viral last year with thousands of people claiming to have conjured a Mexican ghost named Charlie.

Anyone performing the challenge places just two pencils and a piece of paper.

Originating from Mexico, you balance one pencil across the other before chanting “Charlie, Charlie can we play?”



If Charlie – a supposed ancient evil spirit – arrives then the top pencil spins on the other.

You then ask a question and the pencil will usually move into a section of the paper, which is divided into yes or no, to give an answer.

The teenagers were reportedly transferred to a local health centre in Iquitos following the incident.

Source: Daily Express


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