Ghost captured at the Witch’s Temple in the Niddry St Vaults in Edinburgh

Back in March this year I visited Edinburgh and took part in one of the Niddry St Vaults tours in Edinburgh.

Although the tour of the vaults was good, which was made more interesting and slightly unnerving by the story telling of our tour guide Darren from Auld Reekie Tours , nothing really happened. No-one from from the group seen or experienced anything out of the ordinary.  Unless you find the sight of huge cobwebs hanging from the ceiling scary!

However, one tourist visiting the vaults recently took a photo of the ‘witch’s temple’ and seemed to have captured an apparition kneeling or standing on a stool.


Ghost hunter Lee Hart from Really Haunted UK was at the Niddry St Vaults on Saturday where there were unexplained disturbances which included furniture being moved and stones being thrown at the guests on the ghost hunt.

Those that were in attendance are convinced the shot shows a spirit on the stool to the left.

Really Haunted UK who are a ghost hunting group, take members of the public to haunted locations. They had 20 guests in the vault on Saturday

“We split them into two teams, both using a Ouija board at the time of the photo, around 1am.”

The ‘witch’s temple’ is a genuine temple that is still being used today by modern-day witches.


The temple is closed of by a gate and bars, but when the paranormal activity started kicking off the guests started taking photos and one captured the eerie image.

He goes on: “On the night we had guests being touched and this incredible photo.

“We had tables going crazy, stones were being thrown at some of the guests, it was quite an active night.”

After the photo was snapped, Lee says, it was “immediately shown to guests on the night to authenticate that we haven’t edited it”.

What do you think?

If only this had happened when I was there.  I may have to pay another visit there sometime soon, maybe with the Really Haunted UK guys.


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