Police ‘witness paranormal events’ at family home including ‘dog levitating onto hedge’

Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, the scene that apparently greeted officers on a house call in Glasgow does sound a little odd to say the least.

Police on a call out to a property in Rutherglen witnessed clothes flying around, flickering lights, an upside down lampshade and an opening and closing oven, according to a Daily Record source.

But as if that wasn’t strange enough, a chihuahua that was playing in the garden inexplicably made it on top of a 7ft hedge.

Officers were called to the property by the family living there who the website said were panicked with what was going on.

Apparently the activity carried on for two days, with Police Scotland confirming it visited the property on both August 8 and 9.

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The family has since gone to stay with relatives, while a Catholic priest has provided a ‘blessing’.

The source told the website that the incidents were ‘not easily explained’.

The said: ‘The officers attended expecting it to be a mental health issue but they witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog sitting on top of the hedge.

‘The officers called their superiors who also attended thinking the cops were perhaps being a bit silly but it’s being taken very seriously.

‘The fact it was witnessed by our officers has lent itself to a very different but active inquiry.’

The Record later spoke to a demonologist Jason Love who suggested the poltergeist could have been feeding off the energy of prepubescent teens.

It is understood the police are working with doctors and social services to provide support.

Metro.co.uk approached the local Catholic church but have not yet received a response.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said:’On 8 and 9 August police attended a house in Rutherglen to reports of a disturbance. No evidence of criminality was found and advice and guidance was given to the family.’

Source: Metro News


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