UFO filmed flying over Sunderland, UK

There seems to be quite a lot of UFO sightings recently appearing around the world, maybe E.T. is planning an invasion soon!  This sighting is pretty close to my home town.

A woman Julie Adams from Sunderland UK was sitting in a garden of her friend’s house when she spotted something strange hovering in the sky.

She quickly took out her phone, used the camera to zoom in and start filming the object.


Julia said that she has no idea what the object could be.

She said: “I was just looking up and saw the flashing, at first I just thought it was a star. “I zoomed in with the camera and couldn’t believe my eyes, I had no idea what it was.

“I started looking online and it definitely looked like a space ship other people have seen.”

“I was born in Brazil and remember seeing something very similar when I was a little girl, only that time they were coloured lights, this time the lights were all white.”J

Julie watched the object for several minutes before it disappeared and she is keeping a lookout and hoping to see it again.

She said: “I have been out every night to see if I can spot it again.”

What are your thoughts?


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