Watch as a Poltergeist throws a cup and plate towards investigator and house owner

If this is not fake then it is some very good footage of a poltergeist at work.

Ian Hawke claims he is being haunted by a number of spirits in is home in Abbey Wood, London.

Back on July 14th Ian captured some spooky footage of a ghost on his CCTV camera which convinced him that his home was haunted.

This is the CCTV footage.


After the CCTV incident he asked paranormal investigator Danny Taylor to investigate his home to find out what is haunting him.

The investigation took place on July 27 and was stream lived via Facebook. More than 300 viewers tuned in to watch the investigation and they witness some incredible activity.  A cup and plate were thrown towards Ian and Danny.

This is the footage that was streamed live.  A note of warning, the footage contains swearing which some may find offensive.


What are your thoughts, real or fake?



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