A New Zealand news team track a UFO on a flight tracker app and a weather cam

A New Zealand Breakfast news team have captured a UFO on one of their weather cams and also tracked it on a flight tracker app.

One of the news team was using a flight tracker app on their phone to monitor flights around New Zealand and Australia when they noticed a flight appear on the tracker that was travelling 120 times faster than any other flight being tracked at the time and the flight number of the aircraft does not exist.

Not only was the UFO tracked it was also captured on one of their weather cams moving out to sea.  Apparently they found that the flight appears regularly on the tracker app.

Is it aliens regularly visiting Australia?  some government secret plane? Its very strange and interesting whatever it is.

You can watch the original news clip here https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/plane-has-breakfast-crew-uncovered-ufo




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