Ghost hunters capture the She-wolf ghost Queen

Ghost hunter Andy Radley, leader of the Essex Ghost Hunting Team believes that he was photographed Queen Isabella, also known as the She-wolf of France at Castle Rising in Norfolk, UK.

As can see in the photo, it looks like a silhouette of a dog sitting at a lady’s feet.


The photograph was taken in the White Room which is supposedly haunted by Queen Isabella.

Andy said that he and his team could hear a spirit walking around the room but their voice recorders were unable to pick up any sound or voices.

“There were around seven of us in the room at the time.

“My friend turned to me and whispered ‘can you hear anything?’ so I listened carefully and it sounded just like the sound of a long dress swishing over the stones coming up the stairway outside.

“I decided to take a picture to see what I might capture and then realised that there was what appeared to be a figure stood in the middle of the room.

“When I looked at it on the small lens I didn’t initially think much of it.

“It was definitely interesting and I showed everyone but it wasn’t until later when we looked at the picture on a computer that I realised just what I had caught on camera.

“There is a clear figure that from the clothing and the shoulder pads looks like someone wearing medieval dress.

“They even look to have something on their head, like a queen might wear.

“But what is most striking is the fact there is a dog-like shape at her feet.

“It is very clear and considering that she was known as the ‘Wolf Queen’, it made everyone think that what I had captured could have been the ghost of Queen Isabella.”

The photo has been examined and no sign of tampering was found.


Andy took the picture in April last year during a ghost investigation and was excited about what he caught.

He said “My aim with our paranormal investigations is to find proof of life after death.

“At the end of the day this is just a picture. It is evidence to a degree but it is not clear, so I do not take it as the proof I’m looking for.

“However it is a very exciting image to capture and has provoked a lot of debate among the ghost hunting community, so I was very pleased to get it.

“There is no explanation for what caused the figure to appear in our mind, none whatsoever.

“We doubt every image like this and are always sceptical from the outset.

“We all dismissed it at first but once we saw the level of detail in the figure and the wolf, everyone went crazy.

“Many people said it was the best potential ghost capture they had ever seen.”

Isabella who was a former monarch, lived in the castle in the mid 1300’s. She was married to King Edward II. She is also rumoured to have arranged his murder in 1327.

The name ‘She-Wolf’ comes from a story by 18th Century poet Thomas Gray who described the Queen’s “unrelenting fangs” that ripped apart her husband.

There are no records of her ever owning a wolf.


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