UFO filmed over Fairbanks, Alaska

A blinking UFO has been filmed in the sky over Fairbanks in Alaska.

The video was filmed and uploaded onto YouTube by user Jared and discussed on Reddit.

Jared posted on Reddit “I was coming around Morris Thompson Visitor Center I looked up again and saw a bright light shoot straight down and disappeared.

“The one in the video just kept on flashing and at that point I whipped out my phone and began to record. I was kinda scared but excited to witness this anomaly.

“As you can tell in the video I was pretty in awe. The phone does not do it justice, but it was brighter and just simply amazing to see.”


You can see that the light splits into two parts then a little later it splits into three parts creating a triangle. Eventually the light seems to just suddenly disappear.

From reading the comments on the video, a lot of people believe it’s a genuine UFO and definitely something not of this world.

You can read the reddit posts here 

It’s certainly something out of the ordinary and a very interesting UFO.


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