There is something spooky about this photo of linen mill girls taken in 1900

This photograph taken in 1900 of linen mill girls in Belfast, Ireland, seems innocent enough at first glance, but take a longer look and you may notice something very spooky!

The group of linen mill girls are posing for the photo in their work clothes and with their work tools tied to a cord around their waist.  Nothing unusual about that right?

Have you spotted it yet?   Take closer look to the lady on the far right of the middle row, look at her shoulder!


The mystery hand on her shoulder can’t be explained.

Everyone one of the girls have their arms folded, so who does this hand belong to?  It doesn’t look like a trick of light, or part of her clothing.

The photo was being used on the Belfast Live website in an article about the city’s historical by-gone jobs.

It was only when one of their readers contacted Belfast Live as she had direct family links to one of the girls in the photo, did the mystery appear.

She said ” Great to see an old photo of my Granny, in the by-gone years photo, when she worked at the mill.

“She was Ellen Donnelly (nee McKillop) and she is fourth on the right in the second row down [of the main picture, below].

“My dad has this photo at home… a family ghost picture!!

“I don’t really believe in ghosts – but there have been a few odd going-ons around this photo, so I hope this doesn’t cause any more!”

“But did anyone spot the mysterious hand on the girl on the right’s shoulder?” She asked

It is very strange!  I like seeing old mysterious and ghostly photo’s like this.

Do you have an explanation of what it could be other than a ghost hand?





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