Parapyschologists prove a home is haunted

A man living in Bothell, Washington, who is convinced his home is haunted by poltergeists who throw over furniture, set fire to bibles and throw objects at walls has finally got some answers from some well established parapsychologists.

A team from the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology visited the house of Keith Linder to investigate the poltergeist activity.

They released their report that says that the disturbances and noises come be from Irish settlers.

“We came here, we listened to Keith’s story. We talked to a priest. That priest told us something quite phenomenal, that there was evidence, or he believed, Keith’s home was built on settlements of people who had passed away and they could still be here,” Mera said.

One member of the team crawled underneath the house to do some evp sessions and recorded some remarkable voices.  One voice can be heard saying “I want more”.

In the video you can see a shadow moving towards the motion detector on the floor and then the motion detect alarm goes off. Also a babies laugh can be heard that was recorded when a laser motion detector was disrupted when the house was empty.

Two Psychic mediums Karissa Fleck and Niki ParaUnNormal spent a good few weeks investigating the home.

“I think there are at least seven spirits that are very highly intelligent,” said Fleck.

“What I experienced there is mostly of a Native American presence. It was weird because that house is almost like a portal where spirits can come home,” she said.

If you’re a fan of Ghost Adventures then Keith Linder and his home might look familiar to you as Zak, Aaron and the team investigated this very house only for them to get come away with no evidence at all of the house being haunted, and suggesting that Keith may have been hoaxing the whole thing.

“A previous team, Ghost Adventures, had been in and left with zero evidence and kind of painted us in the wrong light of attention-getting, hoaxing,” he said.

After a week of the parapsychology team living in the house they certified it as an “intelligent haunting”

“We were dragged through the mud, my girlfriend especially, dragged through the mud as being hoaxes, pranksters and attention-seekers — none of which is true,” Keith said.

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  1. Keith Linder’s the biggest fraud ever. If not that, he’s just one incredible stupid human being. Ooh, demons burned his bibles and spray painted “666” all over his home. Riiiiiiight. Not even the cheap goofballs over at the Syfy network would option this as a horror movie of the week. Did Keith just sit down one day and decide to make a modern Amityville Horror, another fakefest of crapola? He must have.

    And how do you prove something that doesn’t exist? If this were the case, where are all the legit scientists jumping on this? Why wasn’t this worldwide news?

    Because ghosts don’t exist and Keith Linder is an idiotic fuckface.

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