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Have Scientists Cracked the Secrets of the Paranormal?

Scientists reckon they have discovered the secrets of the paranormal….. Mould!

Researchers from Clarkson University in New York think they have discovered a possible link between supernatural encounters and the toxic effects of some types of mould spores when they are breathed in

They believe poor air quality may a be contributing factor to reports of paranormal encounters.

They found that many paranormal experiences are similar to the hallucinogenic effects of the spores which can cause significant mental or neurological symptoms.

“Hauntings are often reported in older-built structures that may also suffer poor air quality” said civil and environmental engineer Shane Rogers.

“Similarly, some people have reported depression, anxiety and other effects from exposure to biological pollutants in indoor air.”

So it looks like if you’re experiencing some kind of paranormal activity in your house all you need to do is to get out the old mould remover spray and get cleaning!

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