Ghost of Doctor Caught on Camera

St Thomas Hospital

Jamie-Leigh Brown took a photo at St Thomas’s Hospital in Stockport while she was exploring the haunted hospital with a group of friends. Although she didn’t realise what she had captured at the time as her group were too spooked by hearing unexplained footsteps above them even though the building has no usable staircases.

Before it was a hospital, St Thomas’s Hospital was once a brutal Victorian workhouse called The Grubbler. It later became a hospital that treated thousands of psychiatric patients.

Jamie-Leigh and the group fled the building after hearing the footsteps and it was not until later on when she was looking through her photos that she discovered the spooky figure lurking in the background of the photo.

She said “It freaked me out. It’s standing in a lift shaft. It’s really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards that area where the ghost was”

Is this the ghost of a doctor or could it even be a patient?




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