Galleries of Justice Museum apparition

Ghost Spotted at the Galleries of Justice Museum

About one year ago Matty Bamford was at the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham, England. He was visiting the Dr Massey exhibition about crime and punishment and took this photo while he was there.

It was only when he was recently flicking through his archives that he noticed the ghostly figure and sent the photo to museum staff.

Deputy marketing manager¬†Faye Rollinson said: “I couldn’t see anything at first but I wasn’t looking in the right place.

“Matty sent it again with a circle around it and I could see a face.

“I was looking on my phone so I zoomed in and you can see what looks like an old person’s face with sunken eye sockets and grey hair.”

Its said that the museum receives around 10 photographs a year from visitors who believe they have seen a ghost.

If you couldn’t see the apparition in the first photo then take a look at this one and see if you can see it now.

Ghostly face
Ghostly face


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