Terrifying ‘Ghost In Elevator’ Prank

Did this prank go too far?  How no-one had a heart attack is amazing.

This must be the most terrifying TV prank ever, by the Brazilian Silvio Santos Program.  Alone in a dark lift with no power is unsettling experience for anyone. But things get creepy when a ghost girl appears out of nowhere and then screams!

Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos, aired this prank on Sunday and the video posted to YouTube has gone viral with over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

The video shows victims in an empty lift, lights flicker and then he power goes off, they wait nervously in the dark for a while. When the lights come on, they see a creepy “ghost apparition” in the lift, a pale faced, tousle-haired girls stands, carrying a doll. She looks like a ghost child from a horror movie scene in The Ring.

Unknown to the victims, the “ghost” entered the lift from a trap door at the side when the power went off.

Watch a woman stand, literally petrified. She dares not look!
Things get creepier when the pranksters, taking sadistic delight in torturing their victims, switch the lights on and off. The girl appears, screams and then disappears.

Some of the victims scream in terror. Two women hold each other and cower in a corner. A man tries to blot out unreality by covering his face with his palms. He runs out of the lift as the door opens. The ghost girl chases after him.

From watching the clip it is funny, but if it were you in that elevator, would you have been cowering in the corner in complete terror?


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