Doherty's in their caravan.

Cuppa Loving Ghost Scares Family Out Of Home

A poltergeist which likes making a cup of tea has driven a family out of their home.

Rosaleen and George Doherty have told how they were driven out of their home in fear after the ghost repeatedly switched on the kettle and shook the cups on the cup stand.

Rosaleen, said: “It was like it was making tea for itself. It was terrifying.”

The Doherty family, who now live in their family caravan, only moved into their home in June but within days the spook was making its presence felt.

Rosaleen said, “We’d hear it knock on the front door, then the lights would turn on in kitchen.”

She called a priest to perform an exorcism at the three-bed home in Airedale, West Yorks, but that only made matters worse. Rosaleen said: “I felt it wanted us out.


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