Beryl The Ghost Caught On Pub CCTV Camera

The Manchester Arms owners Lisa and Mark Fowler have caught on their CCTV camera what they believe to be the ghost of Beryl who haunts there pub.  The spirit is said to make lights flicker, turn off machines, plays with peoples hair and even causes floods.

Haunted Pub

Lisa and Mark took over the the pub around 3 months ago and have experienced spooky goings on ever since

Shocked Lisa, 38, said the woman looks like she is in her fifties and appears to be wearing a fur collar.

She added: “Sometimes, it feels like someone is running fingers through your hair.

“Other times, it feels like someone is behind you, but when you turn round, you catch a shadow in the corner of your eye but nothing is there.

“Then I couldn’t believe it when I saw the CCTV footage.”

On the evening on November the 1st,  Lisa was preparing to go to bed in their family’s home above the pub, when she went to the office to check the computers.

Mark was downstairs cleaning the bar when Lisa spotted something on the CCTV screen.

Lisa with CCTV Screen

She said: “I phoned down to one of our barmaids, Gemma, and asked her if she’d let anyone else in.

“She said no but I could definitely make out a lady on the screen.

“I went running downstairs to see what was going on, but there was nothing there.”

You can watch the footage here

The footage shows a bright white light but Lisa says this ISN’T Beryl – they believe she is the object to the LEFT of that.

PSI Hull who are a paranormal investigations team will be hunting for the ghost of Beryl and any other ghostly residents at The Manchester Arms, in Hull’s Old Town.

Mark Lindsay, of PSI Hull, said: “We are taking in the team to fully investigate the claims using a full range of equipment from night-vision full spectrum cameras to IP cameras with remote control and a ghostbox to detect different frequencies.”

The team will be joined by 15 members of the public from 10.30pm to 2am on Friday, December 14.


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