Is this the ghost of Bob Carver’s Pattie factory?

Did ghost hunters capture the ghost of Bob Carver’s Pattie factory on camera during their paranormal investigation on Halloween?

The factory in West Dock Avenue, in Hull, UK, is famous for making patties but could now also be famous for being haunted.

Steve Kneeshaw, paranormal investigator said that the factory is one of the most haunted buildings he’s been in.

Take a look at this photo, it seems to show a ghostly figure of a person standing near the doorway.

HDM     ERM      NEWS   LUCY LEESON   01-11-15 PARANORMAL investigation at Bob Carver's factory with Steve Kneeshaw.  Pictured is submitted pictures from the investigaton.

Through out the eventful night the investigation team reported hearing consistent banging, unexplained pushing and shoving and one person was said to receive a mysterious cut to their leg.

“Without a doubt, the factory is one of the most haunted buildings I have been to,” Mr Kneeshaw said.

“This was the first paranormal investigation to take place there and, normally, you would not expect the level of activity that we got.”

The guests and investigators arrived at the factory around 9pm and once they were settled they were asked to call out and ask if there were any spirits present.

“That’s when we started getting very faint banging noises, which got louder throughout the night,” Mr Kneeshaw said.

“One of the guests asked how many spirits were there, and there were three bangs in reply.

A séance was carried out in a different room, with people claiming they had been pushed and shoved by an unknown force and guest Neil Till suffered an unexplained cut to his leg.

Mr Kneeshaw said: “Neil said he felt something cut his leg and when he lifted his leg up there was a mark there and it was bleeding.

“This was very freaky, but I have heard this happening before and it is scary.”

What to do think. Did they catch the ghost that roams the factory?

You can read the full article in the Hull Daily Mail here

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