13 scary short stories to keep you spooked this Halloween

Its Halloween, a time when both the worlds of the living and the dead are said to merge together.

To help you get into the Halloween mood here are 13 scary short stories that will ensure you stay spooked.

The Other Mother


He is laying in bed after just waking up, he grabs the baby monitor and walks to his desk in his office at home. He has his baby on the baby monitor and hears his wife singing to her, he cracks a smile as he hears his wife sing “Go to sleep… go to sleep…”. When suddenly the front door opens up and his wife comes in with groceries.

He Knows


A young boy is sleeping in his bed on a usual night. He hears footsteps outside his door, and peeks out of his eyes to see what is happening. His door swings open quietly to reveal a murderer carrying the corpses of his parents. After silently propping them up on a chair, he writes something on the wall in the blood of the dead bodies. He then hides under the childs bed.

The child is scared beyond belief. He can’t read the writing on the wall and he knows the man is under his bed. Like any child, he pretends that he slept through the whole thing and hasn’t awoken yet. He lays still as the bodies, quietly hearing the breaths from under his bed.

An hour passes, and his eyes are adjusting more and more to the darkness. He tries to make out the words, but it’s a struggle. He gasps when he finally makes out the sentence.

“I know you’re awake”. He feels something shift underneath his bed.

Seeing Red


I check into small hotel a few kilometers from Kiev. It is late. I am tired. I tell woman at desk I want a room. She tells me room number and give key. “But one more thing comrade; there is one room without number and always lock. Don’t even peek in there.” I take key and go to room to sleep. Night comes and I hear trickling of water. It comes from the room across. I cannot sleep so I open door. It is coming from room with no number. I pound on door. No response. I look in keyhole. I see nothing except red. Water still trickling. I go down to front desk to complain. “By the way who is in that room?” She look at me and begin to tell story. There was woman in there. Murdered by her husband. Skin all white, except her eyes, which were red.

While You Were Asleep


A woman survivalist and trained outdoors guide who loves to go solo camping. Returns home after 2 weeks of being in the bush and not seeing a single soul. Develops her disposable camera film to find a roll of film with numerous pictures of her sleeping at night, on different nights. She has never gone camping or hiking since.

Home Alone


When I was a child my family moved to a big old two-floor house, with big empty rooms and creaking floorboards. Both my parents worked so I was often alone when I came home from school. One early evening when I came home the house was still dark.

I called out, “Mum?” and heard her sing-sing voice say “Yeeeeees?” from upstairs. I called her again as I climbed the stairs to see which room she was in, and again got the same “Yeeeeees?” reply. We were decorating at the time, and I didn’t know my way around the maze of rooms but she was in one of the far ones, right down the hall. I felt uneasy, but I figured that was only natural so I rushed forward to see my mum, knowing that her presence would calm my fears, as a mother’s presence always does.

Just as I reached for the handle of the door to let myself in to the room I heard the front door downstairs open and my mother call “Sweetie, are you home?” in a cheery voice. I jumped back, startled and ran down the stairs to her, but as I glanced back from the top of the stairs, the door to the room slowly opened a crack. For a brief moment, I saw something strange in there, and I don’t know what it was, but it was staring at me.

Whats in the Basement?


Mommy told me never to go in the basement, but I wanted to see what was making that noise. It kind of sounded like a puppy, and I wanted to see the puppy, so I opened the basement door and tiptoed down a bit. I didn’t see a puppy, and then Mommy yanked me out of the basement and yelled at me. Mommy had never yelled at me before, and it made me sad and I cried. Then Mommy told me never to go into the basement again, and she gave me a cookie. That made me feel better, so I didn’t ask her why the boy in the basement was making noises like a puppy, or why he had no hands or feet.

The Walking Dead


A guy was driving through the mountains and came across a crash. The car wasn’t damaged at all and almost deliberately placed in the middle of the road. He drove past and saw 2 people lying in the road. He pulls up in front of the “crash” and then looks back to see the people sat up and 20 or so eyes reflecting in his tail lights from the surrounding bushes. He slams on the gas and goes. This story scares me because this kind of thing does happen with “mountain tribes” who are either cannibalistic or crazy.

Ten… Eleven…


A man leaves his house every morning to walk to work and passes a mental hospital surrounded by a wooden fence. Every morning the patients are out in the yard and he can hear them saying in unison,

“10, 10, 10, 10, 10″.

One day, he gets curious and looks through a hole in the fence.

Suddenly, a stick shoots out and pokes him in the eye.

“FUCK! He says to himself.”

While walking away pissed off he can hear the patients saying,

“11, 11, 11, 11, 11″

A Risky Ride


A girl got on a train one night, She sat down opposite this woman, who sat between these two men. She wasn’t that bothered about them, except that the woman seemed to be staring at her, but she couldn’t see properly, because the woman had her hood up. At the next stop a man got onto the train and sat next to the girl. After about 5 minutes, the guys whispered to the girl, “Get off at the next stop with me, it’s important that you trust me”

At the next stop, the girl got off the train with the man and watched the train speed by. The man then turned to the girl and said, “Thank God, I’m a doctor, and that woman was dead. Those two guys beside her were holding her up.”

The Hand Licker


A young teenage girl lived at home with mother, father and her much-loved pet dog. One night the parents decide to go out, and after they leave the girl starts watching the TV. After sometime, she switches it off and goes to bed.

She is awakened by a dripping noise coming from the bathroom. She lowered her hand down beside her bed to gain a little comfort from her dog. She felt the warmth of his soft tongue as he licked her hand, showing her that he was OK and that everything would be alright. Feeling assured she drifted off to sleep once more.

Waking up once again to the sounds of the dripping tap, or whatever it was, in the bathroom she instinctively dropped her hand down to pet her dog. Once again her dog offered up the loyal companionship that only a much trusted and loved pet can, and licked her hand and she once again fell asleep.

For the last time she woke up again, that annoying noise was still going, she reached for her dog but found he wasn’t there. Wondering where her parents were at this time of night (it was about 3.30am by this time) and looking for her dog she walked out into the bathroom.

A horrifying sight met her, the dog had been mutilated and was creating the dripping noise, as blood slowly fell and pooled on the floor below. Screaming she ran back through the house and attempted to call the police. The phone was dead, and she turned to suddenly see her parents also mutilated behind her. Her screams could be heard as she looked down at a note written in blood, it read:
“Humans Can Lick Too My Beautiful”.



A couple arrived back to the US from a trip to South America. When they got off the plane, the wife insisted her husband drag the luggage because she was holding the baby. As they were exiting the airport, they were greeted by the FBI. They handcuffed the husband, took the baby from the wife, and cuffed her also. When unwrapping the baby from its blanket, they saw that it was dead. It had been hollowed out, so that the couple could smuggle cocaine in it.

Fourth of July


I absolutely love the 4th of July. The parades, the celebrations, barbecuing people alive, seeing what happens when I strap a shitload of fireworks to someone and then use a flamethrower to light them all at once, and more.

It’s a time where you celebrate freedom, and where you learn all sorts of new things. Like this year, I learned lots of stuff this year.

I learned what happens when you try to barbecue a nonhuman alive. I learned what happens when that thing just so happens to not only be immortal, but also completely immune to flame, and even seemed to enjoy it. I learned that the devil exists. I learned he likes to visit Earth from time to time to check out various holidays just for shits and giggles apparently, and he especially likes the 4th of July, since so many people died for freedom. I also learned that even the devil seems to take to Jesus’ “Do unto others” philosophy. And that he’s not above inflicting it on people.


The Ghostly Lover

ghost loverjpg

He and his girlfriend weren’t the most romantic couple – their idea of spicing up their relationship was making out in the dark. He came over to her house late one night, when her parents were out of town, and they lay down on her bed together. He turned off the bedside lamp, held her hands in his, and began kissing her gently. The thing about the darkness is that it heightens your other senses.

The sound of her gentle breathing, beginning to quicken.

The sweet smell of perfume at the base of her neck.

The taste of her lips, and the salt on her skin.

The feel of nails beginning to dig into his shoulders.

Despite the darkness, his eyes snapped open as he realised that both her hands were still clasped firmly within his own.

Scared?  …..Happy Halloween!


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