Was this wedding attended by a ghostly guest?

Does this video show a spooky uninvited guest attending a wedding?

Frank Carona was editing a friend’s wedding video when he spotted what looks like a ghost of a women wearing a blue dress standing in the background.

Frank explains in the video that his wife was shooting this video while he was on the other side shooting another video from a different angle at the same time and that there was no-one around that side where the ghostly woman is standing.

If you take a closer look, it does look like an apparition of a woman standing in a blue dress, with long hair and her arm held out.


He uploaded his video onto YouTube to see if anyone had any ideas for an explanation as to what it could be or if he really did capture a ghost.

He said on the video description ” I added a voice over and some scary music to it and I am presenting it as a “Ghost” for fun, but I really do not know what it is.

I can tell you what it is not: 1) It is not a reflection because there was nothing to reflect off of where the “Ghost” appeared.

2) It is not over exposed film because this was all shot on a digital video cam.

3) It isn’t Photo shopped or a special effect. If I make a special effect ghost it is going to look way better then this.

4) It is not Swamp gas or a weather balloon. Taking all of this into account, please let me know what you think it is”

What do you think?


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