Prince Philip investigated UFOs for 70 years – The Royal X-Files

The Queen’s death could trigger the release of the “Royal X-Files”.

Alien buffs say ministers must make public her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh’s near 70-year ­research into UFO sightings in Britain.

Prince Philip was obsessed with space and developed a ‘fascination’ for aliens after a bricklayer reported a close encounter at the home of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle, in 1955.

Fred Briggs claimed he was knocked off his bike by a mystery force as he saw a figure emerge from a spacecraft.

The late Lord Mountbatten, the UK’s former chief of defence staff, told Philip about the incident at his Broadlands estate in Hampshire.

The royal spent much of the rest of his life probing ETs, but experts claim it was hushed up as it would have “caused a sensation”. Now they say there are almost certain to be calls to open up the files.

Ex-Ministry Of Defence official Nick Pope, who manned the Government’s UFO desk from 1991 to 1994, said Philip and his ex-RAF associate Sir Peter Horsley “quietly” investigated alien sightings “over the years”.

He said the royal “kept an eye on developments, subscribed to UFO magazines and newsletters and had witnesses interviewed”.

“This is highly sensitive,’’ he added. “Here you have the Queen’s husband investigating UFOs. Had the news got out it would have caused a sensation.’’

Nick told US-based History TV Philip’s interest was sparked by the incident on his uncle’s land. He said Briggs claimed he saw a “huge” ship before “a humanoid figure” emerged and he was knocked from his bike.

Briggs reported the encounter to Lord Mountbatten who ordered him to make a witness statement and wrote up his own report of the incident, above.

Historian Richard Dolan said Lord Mountbatten “talked extensively to Prince Philip about this”, adding: “You have to assume Queen Elizabeth knew.’’

Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe said Philip, assisted by his uncle, could have compiled research containing almost everything the UK Government knew about UFOs dating back seven decades.

His files stayed secret following his death, aged 99, in April 2021. Two months later Brit defence chiefs refused to release extra-terrestrial info.

Baroness Annabel Goldie was asked if the UK Government would reveal details of its X-Files like the Americans.

She said the MoD holds “no reports on unidentified aerial phenomena”.

Source: Daily Star

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