An Intelligence Official says she met with aliens at a hidden US base

A retired United States Intelligence official has conducted a news conference in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washing D.C. to say that she has met aliens at a secret base in the United States.

Angelia Lynn Schultz explained that she had been in contact with aliens at their base in the Mojave Desert. She also claimed that she will be bringing astronauts and scientists to the secret base to meet with the higher beings.

Johnson claims she is a retired defence intelligence offer and that she met with two strangers who showed her the tunnels which lead to the alien base. She said that when entering the tunnels she was met by two alien life forms from two separate races who communicated with her telepathically.

Here is the news conference, the video starts at 10:10, that is when the conference starts as the first 10 minutes just shows everyone getting set up and fumbling around with the camera.

What do you make of it? Is she to be believed?


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