A swimmer, alone in a pool, feels someone tug on her legs and sees mystery legs on video

This is a spooky moment a pair of ‘ghost legs’ were seen standing behind a woman as she dived in a swimming pool.

Nate Pinyakool was recorded splashing around and then swimming below the surface of the resort pool in southern Thailand at night on June 26.

Chillingly, she said that she felt someone pull at her legs while she was underwater and then she returned for air.

Nate turned around but the swimming pool was empty, with nobody in the water behind her.

When she watched back the video on her friend’s phone she was terrified to see the pair of human legs standing still in the water behind her.

The shocked swimmer said she is still frightened when she watches back the video of the creepy incident,

She said: “I stopped and rose from the water after feeling a pull at my feet but when I when I turned back there was no one.

“Now I am so frightened because in the video there is also someone standing in the pool behind me.

”I don’t remember anybody in the pool behind me. People say it is a ghost. That makes me even more scared that it happened to me.”

Source: Newsflair

What do you think, was it a ghost?


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