One of Mechanicsville’s most haunted locations ‘Cabin on 360’ will be featured on The Witching Hour.

Argos Paranormal is proud to announce that an all-new episode of their award-winning TV series The Witching Hour is now airing on select public access TV stations throughout the United States.

In this upcoming episode, the team investigates the infamous Cabin on 360, where many tragedies spanning almost a century have occurred on the property, fueling a potential demonic entity whose presence is believed to have caused some paranormal investigators to flee from the premises.

“The Cabin on 360 is probably one of the most active locations our show has filmed at. Not only did we encounter a plethora of unexplainable activity during our initial walkthrough of the location, which consisted of growls, screams, and the manifestation of shadow figures, but some of the events which transpired during our investigation have still haunted us more than one year after the investigation” said Ryan Martinez, Producer of The Witching Hour.

“To have so much high strangeness occur during the daytime within a condensed period is alarming. What happened once the darkness of night fell over the property only continued to add onto an already terrifying investigation” said Remso Martinez, a Lead Investigator on The Witching Hour.

Viewers can now experience this chilling episode on select public access TV stations who will be airing the episode throughout the month of July. Not only that, but this episode will also be uploaded onto the Argos Paranormal YouTube channel on Wednesday, July 22.

Channel listings and more information can be found by visiting:

The all-new trailer

About The Show:
The Witching Hour is an award-winning series, named Best Non-Fiction Series at the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards, which goes where no other paranormal show has gone before as the investigators of Argos Paranormal investigate the locations that the locals fear and no other paranormal show has ever dared to investigate. These investigators will be pushing themselves to their max limits as they investigate locations at around 3 am, also known as the witching hour when paranormal activity is believed to be at an all-time high during the night.

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