New mind, body, spirit book teaches people how to interact with the spirit world

Looking for something new to read?  How about checking this new book out?

Susan E. Rogers’ new book, “Uncovering Norman: Proving the Former Life of a Ghost” (published by Balboa Press), offers a “unique and innovative” approach to interacting with the spirit world. The book specifically discusses psychic and spirit communication, combined with genealogical research.

The story follows the first few years of Rogers’ friendship with Norman, a ghost. It explains how she used her years of experience with genealogy research as a way to prove and validate that Norman the Ghost actually had existed. Rogers chronicles how she found the details of his life using clues that he gave her in psychic communications.

In the second part of the book, again using her psychic abilities, Rogers’ shares how she discovered a past life where Norman and she lived as siblings. Using information she received in numerous visits back to this past life as  a basis for the research, Rogers says she was able to find validation of multiple facets of their life together during that time.

“Be open to all possibilities,” Rogers counsels. “There will always be skeptics and scoffers, but my hope is that each person who reads our story will do so with an open mind and a trust that my statements are true.”

“Uncovering Norman”

By Susan E. Rogers

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Susan E. Rogers has been actively sharing her gift with others for the past several years as a psychic and intuitive after retirement from a career as a social worker. She is proficient in mediumship, adept at using such vehicles as tarot, crystal ball, runes and oracle readings. Rogers has received certification as an Akashic Records mastery practitioner and holds certifications as a Reiki Master and Herbalist as well as in aromatherapy and crystal energy healing. She and her partner live in Southeastern Massachusetts where she has spent her entire life. One of Rogers’ lifelong passions has been genealogy, which led her to write the “Reynolds Family Association Centennial Collection,” an anthology of various Reynolds families in America. More information is available at her Facebook page for Lady Airmid, her psychic persona:


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