Paranormal Investigator says that ghosts are causing crashes on the M6 in Cheshire UK

A paranormal investigator claims ghosts are responsible for a series of crashes on a stretch of the M6 in Cheshire in the UK.

Mike Brooker says he actively avoids driving along the M6 between junction 16-19 because of its ‘negative energy’ and instead takes a 45 minute detour.

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, the paranormal investigator said that lots of people had contacted him about unusual or strange circumstances as they drove down the notorious stretch of motorway.

“They get to that certain point between 16 and 19 and they’re hearing the clanking of metal, they can smell awful burning and the sounds of noise,” he said.

Mr Brooker suggested that work to build the motorway ‘disturbed energies’.

But when Tom asked why there aren’t any reports of paranormal activity with the construction of Crossrail 2, he said: “Not yet, I suspect we will do when time passes.”

Source: LBC Radio


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